Our qualified certifiers can assist in the process of achieving an occupation certificate.

An occupation certificate certifies that a building or part of a building is suitable and safe to be occupied in accordance with the standard requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

You must apply for and obtain an occupation certificate from your private certifier before moving into a building.

This certificate verifies that the council or a private certifier (i.e. the principal certifying authority on the project) is satisfied that the building is suitable for living or use. Dix Gardner has more than two decades of experience in this area and has been the principal certifying authority for hundreds of unique projects.

Our Grade 1 Accredited certifiers can inspect the completed building and determine whether or not it is safe to live in or use. Before issuing a certificate of occupancy, we will consider the following:

We will also ensure all relevant documents have been submitted, plus whether development consent conditions and requirements have been met. When submitting this certificate, the government also requires at least one of the following certificates:

We can assist if these certificates haven’t been achieved. Our consultants have expertise in all of these areas and can review construction plans to assure these certificates are approved.

It’s crucial to enlist the services of a private certifier. Failure to obtain a certificate of occupancy is considered an offence and can result in substantial penalties, notices and orders.

Dix Gardner private building certifiers can streamline the planning process so you can complete your project, hassle-free.


Our dedicated team will get your occupation certificate sorted. Contact the team now.