Dix Gardner has an extensive team of Grade 1 Accredited Consultants who offer construction certification solutions.

After submitting a development application to the council and receiving consent, the next step is to get a construction certificate so you can start building.

You do not need a construction certificate if you have a complying development certificate.

A complying development certificate is an alternative to a development application and is considered a fast-tracked approval process for straightforward developments.

A construction certificate, on the other hand, simply confirms that the building plans comply with the Building Codes of Australia (BCA), are “not inconsistent” with the development consent, and comply with relevant conditions for the development consent.

Construction certificates and complying development certificates must be obtained before building commences.

If you do not have at least one of these certificates, you will be deemed to be carrying out unauthorised building work and you will not be able to obtain an occupation certificate at the completion of building work.

Accredited certifiers and your local council can provide these certificates. At Dix Gardner, we have an experienced team of qualified construction consultants who can provide construction certification solutions in. We will complete a thorough check of your construction plans as well as specifications for the development and ensure these are in line with the requirements the council placed on your development consent.

It’s essential to have an accredited certifier cast their eye over the construction plans. A fresh perspective can be crucial in identifying potential problems or improvements, giving you a higher chance of receiving consent to build.

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