Our team of experienced building certifiers can guide you through the building certification process and help obtain council approval.

A building certificate gives homeowners and business owners assurance from the local council that a new building complies with all relevant legislation and standards. When the certificate is granted, the council will be prevented from ordering work to be conducted for up to seven years, including:

  • Demolition
  • Alteration
  • Addition
  • Rebuilding

Building certificates are often requested by buyers and sellers before settlement in real estate. It is also applied for when work is undertaken without the appropriate approvals being issued by the council or certifier.

When the council issues a building information certificate, the organisation confirms it does not propose to issue an order or commence proceedings for the building to be demolished, altered, or rebuilt. It also confirms the council will not commence proceedings of encroachment by claiming council land.

In order to approve a building certificate, the council or a private certifier will need to inspect the building and review council records as part of the application. When submitting an application, you may need to provide architectural plans, building specifications, fire safety details, a registered survey, structural engineering certification, and/or a report from a private building certifier.

Our team of building certifiers can help guide you through the process of submitting a building certificate application and getting it approved by the council in a matter of weeks. Dix Gardner has an expert team of Grade 1 Accredited Certifiers who can assess the building or building plans and make recommendations or reports – complete for council submission.

We have extensive public service experience at local, state and federal government levels within Australia, meaning we can help navigate the local council with ease.


Get in touch with the Dix Gardner team regarding your building certification. We can put your project on the fast track to success.