Our BCA certifiers can provide fast, reliable advice regarding the Building Codes of Australia.

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) is managed by the Australian Building Codes Board on behalf of the Federal, State, and Territory Governments.

The BCA regulates all states and territories when it comes to construction. It sets minimum requirements for new developments and refurbishments, including room heights, distance from the road, disability access, and other building related issues.

There are various aspects related to the BCA:

Overall, the BCA sets standards for amenities, public access, sustainable design, construction, performance, and livability of residential buildings throughout Australia.

Dix Gardner can help homeowners, business owners, property owners, and builders exceed the minimum requirements of the BCA. Going above BCA standards reflects well on construction for the organisation and, in turn, can result in a more valuable, accessible building.

Our BCA certifiers provide a range of expert services to help achieve these goals. Our Grade 1 Accredited Certifiers can provide BCA Compliance reports, fire-engineered alternative solutions, and strata certification, streamlining the planning and construction process tenfold.

The Dix Gardner team have expertise in a range of developments and industries, meaning our services are second-to-none. Our consultants can assist throughout the planning phase, the submission of certificates and applications, the final approval, and construction.

We know simply “meeting” BCA requirements offers little scope to promote a sustainable, accessible, or energy efficient development. Our certifiers will go above the requirements and help create a more valuable building.

Don’t fumble through the planning and construction stage alone. Let our consultants guide you through and achieve the best outcome possible.


Navigate the BCA Compliance process with ease with Dix Gardner Newcastle. Contact our team for expert advice and guidance.